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 New trip
22.04.2019 14:01
Hi after a while Maybe it's time to start to plan a new trip

28.01.2018 14:16

We hired bicycles and rode with them to the Moonvalley. The distance is more or less about 10 kilometres from the centre of San Pedro de Atacama. We took enough water and some food with us. The way was not very good, sandy and rough. We didn´t have any special clothes. A gap...suncream...





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 14.08.2017 14:19

I bought a bicycle from Puerto Montt and started to ride it. The first place where I tried to go was Petrohue. Of course I bought the tickets over the lakesTtodos los Lagos,  Lago Verde and finally Nahuel Huapi. The tickets was not cheap. But the crue wate me every time. I slep two nights in San Carlos de Bariloche for refresh me. Then I continued to the road to northern part of Nahuel Huapi. The road to the National Parks. I visited La Villa Angostura, Sab Martin de los Andes and Junin de los Andes. I finalized my trip to Pucon.



 19.02.2017 20:12

Titicacassa sijatsevalla Amanatanin saarella matkaseurue kokoontui keskusaukion vieressä olevaan baariin, silloin saaren ainokaiseen auki olevaan ehkäpä jopa koko saaren ainkaiseen. Jokainen otti jonkun juoman siellä. Valikoima oli niukka, mutta jokaiselle löytyi jotakin. Paikallisimpia juomia olivat piscosta ja jostain toisesta tehdyt paukut, joista jos pitäisi mitta-astian täyttöäö arvioida, oli täyttö hulppeasti yklii reulun porvoon mitan. Pari mitallista tuli viimaa lasiin ja sitten sai valita kumman yrtin lasiinsa otti, joko kokapensaan oksan tai muñakasvin oksa. Molemmat, luonnollisesti, maustavat juomaa. Ja maun kyllä tunsi jopa piscon ja alkoholin maun lisäksi.


01.09.2016 08:51
Tämä on testi

 From Puerto Montt to Coihayque
25.06.2016 10:21

I checked the Pan American highway beforehand and found the information or the plan that the road is under repairing at least between 2015-2017. That was one reason why I didn't go directly to the South. Another reason was almost 100 kilometres long valley where the wind can be so strong. I hadn't time to fight with it. But on the other hand the road and the views are one of the five  most beautiful routes go by bicicle in the World. I think I will achieve my original plan to ride by bicicle from Puerto Montt to Coihayque or souther after year 2017.

Anyway I met the bad wind Argentine side when I went from Junin de los Andes to the border pass which nsme is Mamuil Malal.

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02.05.2016 16:46

Few years ago I visited in Buenos Aires and spent there over a month. I lived with the family where one of the kids were about 15 years. The  parents said to me that I have to help there teenage when she got math exercises. 

There were over ten questions. I checked them and wondered if is it possible that the sience of maths are so high level in Argentine. We spent hours with them. The next day the girl said that she was the only one, who solved them. She explained to the teacher that she didn't understood exercises. When she came home she said that the questions were a part of math olympics for 15 years old.

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 Los lagos
25.03.2016 07:50

Last voyage I didn't spend all the time the North. I travelled by bus from Santiago to Puerto Montt. There I bought a mountainbike and rode with it alone over the Andies. In fact twice. The trip was interesting and quite hard. I crossed lake Todos los Santos by catamarane and continued to lake Frias Argentine. I slept two nighst in the national park before I crossed the border. I went to San Carlos de Bariloche, where I slept two nights and prepared very big bifes. The bucher in hipermercado gave some good tips. As you see I used hosterias, my tent, I slept one night without my tent. I used any posibilities which I met. I walked, rode the bici, went some kilometres by privite car. But anyway the trip was interesting and hard. I evaluate that lost 10 kilograms of my weight during eleven days.

I wrote avlonger story in my motherlanguage. I have a plan to publish it, but it's my plan. Anyway.  It was very good experience. I can guarantee for example that the space was incredible without any artificial light. 

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 Uyuni-La Paz
21.03.2016 09:08


I have been almost three years arround South America. During this time I evaluate to travel by bus 80 000 - 90 000 kilometres. The longest ones have been the voyage from Buenos Aires to San Carlos de Bariloche  or from Santiago de Chile to Calama to northern part of Chile. The first one took almost 24 hours and the second one took 22 hours. The longest voyage, which I know starts from Buenos Aires and go to Rio de Janeiro. It takes three days. 

One of the worst or the hardest trip was in year 2015 from Uyuni to La Paz. The distance between these two cities is about 900 kilometres. The bus left at 9 pm. The price was 10 - 11 euros.  The Andies in this area is 4000 metres high and every kilometres are desert. The food was not included in this time. The bus didn't stop bigger villages altought in the timetable there were few.

The temperature inside was 40 C, but it was a big surprise when the driver gave a blanket and pillow.  The road was sandy and very dusty. The first 250-300 kilometres had 1 000 000 holes.The bus was like a enormous vibrator. Because of the holes it was not posible to sleep or read or do anything.  A huge cloud of dust followed the bus. The windows were not very tight. And of course when the driver opened the door a part of the cloud came inside. The dust disturbed the membranes in the mouth and the nose. 

The pillow was comfortable but the blanket was really important. After few hours the temperature outside falled near zero and in the bus there were cold.  I had not a lot of water with me. When the bus arrived to the capital of Bolivia everybody was very tired and I was quite thirsty. 

But the situation is not the same nowadays. I suppose that the new paved road is open and the first 250 kilometres are not like a torture. 

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 Härmäläinen autovanhus
17.03.2016 17:14

Muistaako kukaan edellisen kunnon taantumaa, aikaa ennen Jumaltenrannan nousua ( ja tuhoa) eli aikaa ennen Nokian nousua. Elettiin synkkiä aikoja, jolloin talous hyytyi. Moni yrittäjä jäi elämänsä pituiseen velkavankeuteen. Pälä, pälä. Ei kaivella sitä aikaa tämän enempää. 

Joka tapauksessa noihin aikoihin Härmän maanteitä kulutti lukuisa joukko yhdenautonyrittäjiä. Ja tuo taantuma nujersi niistä monet. Tästä jäi jäämistöksi kulunutta, liki loppuun ajettua maansiirtokalustoa, jota oli satamat täynnä. Silloin  70- ja 80-lukulaisten kuorskien ja bussien määränpää ihmetytti.

Tuon yllä olevan rautaisen pariskunnan vierestä ajoi avolavayhdistelmä, jonka maalipinnasta oli kyllä teipit revitty, mutta teippi  oli suojannut maalia, joka muualta oli palanut mattapintaiseksi. Alkuperäisen savolaisen omistajan tiedot kuka tahansa saattoi lukea auton ovista. 

Tämä lava-auto oli saanut 20 vuoden lisäelämän Bolivian Uyunissa. Äimistyin autoa, josta lopulta yritin ottaa valokuvan. Vaikka autoliikenne oli tukkoista ja siten hidasta, en saanut yhdistelmää kiinni enkä näin ollen kuvaakaan saanut.

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